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About Us
We are an internet based business located in the County of Santa Fe
in the State of New Mexico, USA. The State of New Mexico is
considered to be the Land of Enchantment. Our name, the Enchanted
Thistle seemed fitting. The photo on the home page is of a thistle from
the Isle of Arran in Scotland. We also have thistles in New Mexico and
some grow quite tall.
We are in business to bring you high quality products at a reasonable
price. Check out our bagpipe band supplies and various Celtic related
gifts. Agents for:                             

Yours Aye,
K.A."Dusty" McDaniel
Enchanted Thistle
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Pipe Caddy,
Bagpipe Music Writer Gold,
Sheila Fleet Jewelry,
Dunbar Bagpipes,
Shetland Jewelry
Christine LaFosse Handknit Kilt Hose,
Harris Reedz,
McCallum Bagpipes,
Lee Rivers,
Morrison Reelpipes,
Dragonfire Design.