Introducing..... The Order Of The Thistle Pipes & Drums
This CD features Grade 1 Piper - Sarah Denning
Sarah also played with the City of Washington Pipeband
                           $15.00 CD
Live at the James A. Little Theater .... Order Of
The Thistle Pipes and Drums with special
guests: Angels of the Strings Harp Duo, New
Mexico Gaelic Singers, Celtic de Santa Fe
Irish Dancers and Galician Piper - Clancy
Clements        $24.99 DVD
Robert Macneil Musicworks/Bagpipe Music Writer Gold Music
Engraving and Playing Software for the Great Highland Bagpipe

32 bit version for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT 3.51 and higher

                              $80.00 + shipping/handling
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Enchanted Thistle
Features: Bruce Gandy, Brian Meagher, Bob
Saachi and The Oran Mor Pipe Band

This is a memorial CD for the World Trade
Center Workers.  $18.00 + shipping