BX100 Large Blessing Brooch
reads "a blessing on the soul"
in OGHAM $165.40 + shipping
EE100 Blessing Earrings
"a blessing on the soul"
$115.42 + shipping
EBL100 Blessing
6-link Bracelet
$288.20 + shipping

EBX101 Moon large brooch
reads "moon" in OGHAM
$147.40 + shipping
EE101 Moon Earrings
$120.60 + shipping
EBX93Large Ocean Brooch
 $155.77 + shipping
EPX68 "New Wave" Pendant,

large  $175.62 + shipping
EE68 "New Wave" Earrings
$126.86 + shipping
EB51 "North Sea"  Brooch
large $156.85 + shipping
NXX30 "Surfbreaker" Necklet
 in surf green enamel
  $110.46 + shipping
EB30 "North Sea" Brooch,
small $109.60 + shipping
EBV1 "Atlantic Breaker" Brooch,
large  $162.24 + shipping
EB109 "Dolphin Brooch"
$126.86 + shipping
EBX34 Runic Brooch, large,
reads "reflecting times past and
present" $202.60 + shipping
EP34 Runic Pendant
reads "Orkney Isles"
$133.33 + shipping
EE34 Runic Earrings,
reads,"Orkney Isles"
$120.60 + shipping
EEO34 Runic Earrings,
      small post
$83.71 + shipping
Enameled Jewelry
Enchanted Thistle

Sheila Fleet  Jewelry
from the Orkney Islands,
All designs are copyright
Copyright 2009 Enchanted Thistle
         All Rights Reserved