Pipe Major Sandy Jones from the North American
  Academy Of Piping has created this wonderful     
  "Beginning the Bagpipe" tutor.    $16.00 each
Robert Macneil Music Works/Bagpipe Writer Gold
          $85.00 + shipping/handling
Ringo Bowen's Care & Maintenance
      of the Great Highland Pipes
$18.50 + shipping/handling
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Instructional Tutors, Tapes & Cd's
Enchanted Thistle
Doug Stronach 's Pipe Band Snare Drum Tutor,
Vol. 1 and CD                $31.95 + shipping
Massed Band Drum Scores For Pipe Band
Drummers and CD, Cameron/Stronach
      $24.95 + shipping
Scores For The Grade 4 Drummer, Buzz Brown
    $59.95 + shipping
Band Room DVD, Intro. to Snare, Tenor and Bass
  $61.50 + shipping
Rythmic Fingerwork by
 Jim McGillivray
$35.00 + shipping
Piping Centre Highland Bagpipe Tutor
                  includes CD
             $55.00 + shipping
Pipes Ready  Set-Up & Maintenance
       of the Great Highland Pipes
              by Jim McGillivray
              $28.00 + shipping
Pipes Up Tuning Tutor for  the Great
Highland Pipes by Jim McGillivray
              $28.00 + shipping